Company History

Logical Guitars is a Vancouver Canada based company devoted to the idea that guitars should be fun. The founder, Terry David, at one time was a gigging musician and has owned every major brand of guitar. However, reality intervened about 30 years ago and Terry realised he wasn't going to be a rock star so he got a "real" job and just played guitar as a hobby. Then about 3 years ago Terry became interested in getting back into playing, but was surprised at how expensive guitars had gotten while he was "away". The top brand name guitars have always been absolutely beautiful instruments, but Terry found it hard to justify spending thousands of dollars on a hobby guiitar.

After doing a lot of research and visiting many guitar makers, Terry located some very progressive and enthusiastic guitar makers who  hand make good quality, reasonably priced guitars. Terry worked with them and our own design team to design a line of guitars to his specifications, suitable for beginners, serious hobbyists or active gigging musicians. We do not mass produce guitars and all of our models are released in strictly limited, serial numbered editions.  



  Our goal is to produce guitars that deliver twice the quality and features you would expect for guitars in their price range. Our objective is to maximize the value of the guitar you purchase by including as many features as we reasonably can for the price. We believe we have achieved that goal, but you be the judge!

Now in our 3rd year of operation, we are excited by the public acceptance of our guitars and the many ideas our users have passed along to us for upgrades and new models. Our Facebook presence has built dramatically and we are rapidly approaching our 5000th friend from nearly every country in the world!