Why is a Guitar "Logical"? 

As we started out with this idea, our goal was to produce good quality guitars at reasonable prices for those guitarists who can't afford or can't justify the cost of buying top of the line guitars. We have tried to minimize the compromises and come up with guitars that are the "logical" choice for those who just want an easy to play, decent quality guitar at a reasonable price.

Over the years, the technology of quality guitar construction has become more and more widespread and the quality of guitars has improved dramatically. We have built a strong relationship with several quality shops that hand build all of our guitars from the best available materials with minimal automation. The craftsmanship is excellent, and with our guidance, our craftsmen have been eager to introduce quality improvements that are not normally seen in guitars at this price level. We have not sought celebrity endorsements because they cost YOU money. The only endorsement we care about is yours!

At the outset we aimed to produce the best guitars that were possible for a given price. We think we have succeded and we look forward to sharing our discoveries with you!

Standard Upgrades

As we have worked through our design and production, we have made certain decisions about materials and components with a view to providing maximum value for our customers. Some of these decisions are:

Hand Made Guitars

We have researched many production organizations and have decided against mechanised production in favour of hand made guitars in small production runs. While this limits our ability to "mass market" our guitars, that really isn't our goal. We would rather make smaller numbers of well made guitars than large numbers of factory produced models. This also allows us to keep a better handle on quality. Also, owners will have the satisfaction of knowing they have a relatively rare guitar since there is no plan to mass market our instruments.


  WilkinsonŠ pickups

We have done considerable research and have decided that for our purposes, Wilkinson pickups represent the best combination of quality, value and tone. Please check out the many reviews of these excellent pickups on the internet.

Stainless Steel Frets

 Yes we know there is endless debate about what type of frets are best, but after taking in all the different opinions, we have decided to go with stainless steel as standard on all our guitars. We believe the better durability and stability of this fret style complements the value we want our customers to expereince.

Brass Nuts

Another contentious issue. There are many opinions about what style of nut gives the best sound and durability, etc. After long discussions, we decided to make the brass nuts standard on some of our models where we felt they were appropriate. We felt the brass nut gives the best combination of sound and durability for the value we want to provide to our customers. On other models where other styles of nuts performed better, we chose those.

Full size "A" quality pots , upgraded wiring and switches

We decided the slight additional cost of upgrading the potentiometers, switches and wiring ends up providing a much better, more reliable guitar, especially in the mid price range.

Hardshell Case Included

We have decided to include a quality hardshell case with every guitar. Since we are able to purchase these with our volume discount, we pass the savings to you. We make no markup on the cases so that you can have the additional value of these very attractive tweed cases to protect your new Logical guitar.

Hand Finishing and Personal Setup

After all the upgrades at the shop, every one of our guitars goes through a final quality control inspection at our headquarters and is delivered fully set up with frets hand polished, truss rod correctly adjusted, intonation set and string and pickup height adjusted so that you can take the guitar out of the included hardshell case and enjoy playing it immediately.

All together, we have worked hard to make sure we provide the best quality guitar that can be made to meet the mid market price point we are targetting., We believe we have made guitars which represent excellent value in a range of interesting styles and finish options to appeal to just about any player. We appreciate your comments and suggestions!