Can we take a minute to let you know how we feel about internet sales? At first we thought it would be a good idea to be an exclusive internet sales organization. But after working with our dedicated team of independent retailers, we have changed our minds. We have seen first hand the added value a knowledgeable retailer can bring to the enjoyment and satisfaction of guitar ownership. Many people starting out to learn the guitar search the internet for the cheapest price and order directly. What they sometimes experience may be quality problems or issues they don't know how to deal with. Sometimes they don't know who to talk to if they need to repair or upgrade their instrument..

 As a result of this learning experience, we hold the belief that an old fashioned independent retailer represents the best value for beginner or intermediate buyers (even pros, really) The additional knowledge and service are worth a few dollars extra, so we encourage all our customers to consider supporting their local independent music retailer. Don't just find the lowest internet price and make them match it. We encourage you to realise that these folks work hard for your business and deserve to make a fair living too! End of lecture! 

We prefer to support our independent retailers to handle sales and service so that you get the personalised attention you deserve.  However, if you don't live near one of our dealers, you are welcome to contact us directly with direct sales enquiries. Please be advised that we will never undercut our dealers prices through our website.  Alternatively, we would love to expand our retail network, so if you have a favourite local independent music retailer, ask them to contact us to arrange to stock Logical Guitars for your community. Big cities, small towns, its all good!

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